Sailing at Clapham on the 7th October.

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A bright sunny day at the pond, but regetfully no wind. We started late as usual, no boats on the water till gone 12 noon, but once started we sailed continuously till nearly 2pm. Mark had brought two of his RG65,s and was sailing them in company with the 1M,s but scored separately. He and Ted were having a private match. The wind was very light at times and made for some very relaxed races and the water was quite low so care had to be taken to avoid grounding, once grounded there was little wind to get the boats off.
We were pleased to see Alan at the pond for an hour or so.
We did not get too many races in as each one took some time to complete, scores were as follows-,
Race 1. Hugh, John, Derek
Race 2. Hugh, John. Derek
Race 3. John, Hugh, Derek
Race 4. Grant, John, Derek
Race 5. Hugh, Derek, John
Race 6. Hugh, John
The races for the RG65,s, there were not many, were mostly won by Ted sailing against Mark and Brian.
A pleasant day, but more wind would have made it better
Mark tells me that notices banning power boats on the Long Pond will be going up soon, a move that is having mixed feelings amongst members. He also tells me that a meeting between the Club and the Council is still to take place when the future of the Club and how the Council can help with the maintenance of the pond,and the Clubhouse, will be discussed. While the Club would welcome improvements to the pond, the maintenance of the Clubhouse will need carefull negotation to avoid the Council becoming too involved.
Next scheduled racing will be on the 21st October for 6M,s, although the Soling,s could be racing on the 14th. Derek.


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