6 Metre sailing on the 15th June.

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A brisk sailing breeze at the pond but fortunately no rain.
Conditions were good for the 6 metres and we managed a fleet of five boats. Mark was sailing Graham,s boat and was practically untouchable and was again a perfect demonstration of sail setting and tactics. We started late at 12 noon, but from the first race Mark kept us at it and one race followed another without pause and we managed to get nine races in before we broke for lunch at about 1.30. Organisation was slick and we scarce had time to draw breath.
On the home front, the Council have been busy and organised a visit from the Electricity people who have carried out a lot of re-wiring in the Clubhouse. We now have updated switches for both light and power and a new set of fluorescent tubes which makes the Clubhouse much lighter. The Club should be greatful to the Council.
We still have a problem with some members not being really familiar with the rules of sailing, and to my regret and embarrassment I am one of them, but I am told that we could soon have a notice board in the Clubhouse on which the basic rules will be set down. If we all read and learn them (well, those of us who need to) perhaps sailing incidents will be reduced.
Racing results as follows-,
Race 1. Mark, John, Leslie
Race 2. Mark, Leslie, John
Race 3. Grant, John, Leslie
Race 4. Mark, Grant, Leslie
Race 5. Grant, Mark, Leslie
Race 6. Mark, Hugh, Grant
Race 7. Mark, Hugh, Grant
Race 8. Hugh, Mark, Derek
Race 9. Mark, Hugh, Grant
As usual, I have only shown the first three places, lesser places were shared between Richard and Derek.
The month of July having five Sundays, the next scheduled 1 Metre race will be on the 5th August. Hope to see you all then. Derek.

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