6Metre sailing at Clapham on the 17th June.

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In spite of the parking restrictions around the pond due to the charity bike ride there was a good turnout of members, eight members sailing six 6 Metres with Richard sailing his Soling.
After the ferocious winds of Saturday those on Sunday were less fierce, still blustery at times but overall good sailing conditions for 6 Metres.
After our usual leisurely start we managed to get six races in and most members had a win or two.
There was a problem on the pond in that a small group were sailing power boats, one in particular being very fast and taking up a lot of room on the pond. This was not such a problem when members were getting boats ready but would be a problem once we had started racing proper as a fleet of 6 Metres can take up a lot of pond space. I did have a word with the person involved saying we were going to start racing and his boat could prove a danger but got little reaction, he just said he would avoid us. I did say that power boats were usually restricted to sailing in the afternoon and that there used to be a notice by the pond to that effect, he said he could not see a notice and since it was clear he would not co-operate I gave up. I believe that Hugh also had a word with the man later with much the same negative reaction. Fortunately there were no incedents or collisions but I think members were concerned for the safety of their boats.
I am pretty sure that sometime in the past there was such a notice restricting power boats to sailing in the afternoon and perhaps the Club “Committee” could be prevailed upon to write to the Council asking that the notice be replaced so as to avoid this situation.
Herewith the race results-,
Race 1. Jim, Derek, John
Race 2. Grant, Jim, Melvin
Race 3. Derek, Grant, Leslie
Race 4. Derek, John, Melvin
Race 5. John, Derek, Leslie
Race 6. Derek, Grant, Leslie
All in all, a good day,s sailing.
I did have a phone call from the Vintage Club a few days ago asking if they might sail on the pond next Sunday, the 24th June. I said I did not think that would be problem, but I have not had confirmation that they will be there. If they do turn up I am sure members will make them welcome. Derek.


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