Sailing the Solings at Clapham on the 8th April.

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Seems I missed a good day on Sunday. Lots of members turned up to race the Solings and nearly everyone seems to have had at least one win.
Hugh has provided a report.
The wind was North-west, force 1-3, cloudy, cool but no rain.
Boats are of course identical, or should be, but sail trim and the odd set up details make all the difference between sailing well and perhaps not so well.
Mark lent Leslie his boat in many races, he sailing Chris,s boat on some occasions. Richard had sail trim problems, close hauled his main was sheeted tight , nearly amidships while his jib was sheeted more open meaning that excess weather helm was forcing the boat into the wind, also the oversheeted main did not have enough low gear power for the lighter wind sections, and natural slowing of the boat when changing tack. Consequently he spent a lot of time semi-stalled with the fleet sailing past. He thought the boat was rigged wrong, with the mast needing moving forward, fortunately Mark came to his aid and set up the boat for him, sheeting the main out and adjustingb the kicking strap to give the optimum twist. He also adjusted the jib to give a clear slot all the way up the sail. After these adjustments Richard sailed well, finishing third in the last two races. If his sails had been set up correctly in the first place he would have accumulated practice and might have won a first or second place.
There are a number of skilled sail tweakers in the Ckub who are happy to help or give an opinion. Do not be shy to ask. The art can also be learned Results of the meeting as follows-,
Race 1. Mark, Jim, Chris
Race 2. Chris, Jim, Leslie
Race 3. Jim, Leslie, Chris
Race 4. Mark, Jim, Ted
Race 5. Mark, Ted, Jim
Race 6. Leslie, Chris, Ted
Race 7. Leslie, Ted, Grant
Race 8. Ted, Mark, Chris
Race 9. Mark, Leslie, Ted
Race 10. Mark, Leslie, Ted
Race 11. Leslie, Chris, Richard
Race 12. Leslie, Mark, Richard
Seems like it was a good day,s racing.
Hope to see you all on Sunday the 15th for 6M sailing. Derek.


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