Sailing at Clapham on the 1st April.

April 3, 2012 at 4:01 pm | Posted in News | 1 Comment

Although the sunshine was hot, the wind was not!. We had a fair crowd at the pondside but started late as usual. The wind was very light, varying from nothing to the odd puff, so much so that races often developed into drifting matches. I stayed for the first two races then there appeared to be a break for lunch. The first races had taken so long to complete that I decided to go home, but as I was packing up the wind seemed to improve, as is always the case. I had taken the results of the first races with me but I am beholden to Hugh who sent me the results of the several races that were completed after I had gone. Results as follows-,
Race 1. John, Leslie, Grant
Race 2. Leslie, Derek, John
Race 3. Chris, John, Leslie
Race 4. Leslie, John, Gtant
Race5. John, Leslie, Chris
Race6. Chris, Leslie, John
Race 7. Grant, Leslie, John
Race 8. Leslie, Chris
It seems as though the wind did pick up a bit after I left, but with such a wide spread of winners I wonder wether the results depended on who caught the wind when it did puff, but whether that was the case or not it is nice to see that everyone had win (except me!)
I am told that the starter box has packed up, which is a problem. I believe that we do have another couple of tape decks available although they are limited in output volume, but we shall have to make do with them unless we bite the bullet and purchase a custom built box. The Treasurer might like to have a look at our finances and seek the opinion of Club members, but, as with all these specialist bits of equipment, who will look after it and keep it charged up? We will have to check on the bits we do have and see if they will serve. See you all in a couple of weeks time. Derek.


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  1. what time did sailing start ? I have been there myself at 11 and no one else had yet arrived. might be a good idea to specify a start time of say no later than 11.15 and anyone who turns up after can race but will not score for the races they have missed.

    maybe it is time to reintroduce club trophies as an incentive

    any ideas we can discuss this weekend



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