Sailing at Clapham on the 4th March.

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Report courtesy of Hugh.
Sunday 4 March 2012 One Metre Day.
Weather; Cloudy, light rain at times; Wind south-south west force 2-3 with occasional larger gusts.
Boats raced; Hugh & Leslie-Gadget, Chris-Boxkite, John-his pink boat, design unlnown, Grant-Mandarin, Ted-his old Chris Dicks designed boat.
Race 1. Hugh, Chris, Leslie
Race 2. Leslie, Hugh, John
Race 3. Ted, Grant, Leslie
Race.4. Hugh, Ted, Chris
Race 5. Ted, Hugh, Grant
All boats sailed with top rig, at times it was a struggle with the weather to tack and maintain control, boats were putting bows under off the wind. We enjoyed our racing but 5 races were enough in the generally wet conditions

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