Sailing at Clapham on the 19th February.

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Once again I am indebted to Hugh for a report on the day,s sailing, which follows-,
Sunday 19th February, 6 Metre day.
Weather. \wind northeast force 2-3, chilly with occasional sunshine.
Boats raced. Leslie and Hugh sailed Rococo, Chris sailed Siesmic, Ted-Dolphin and Grant-Renaissance.
Race 1. Leslie, Chris, Ted
Race 2. Grant, Leslie, Ted
Race 3. Grant, Ted, Leslie
Race 4. Grant, Ted, Leslie
Race 5. Ted, Grant, Leslie
Race 6. Ted, Leslie, Chris
Race 7. Chris, Leslie, Ted
Race 8. Hugh, Chris, Ted

Seems like a band of hardy intrepid sailors, I regret I was not one of them.
I received the MYA Year Books in late January but regret I have not been at the pond to delivber them. I am told that there is to be a Soling race on the 26th (this coming Sunday) and so I shall make a determined effort to be there and will bring the year books with me. Will see you all then. Derek.


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