Sailing at Clapham on 17th April.

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A beautifull day at Clapham with bright sunshine and a pleasant breeze.
We were few in number unfortunately, perhaps the London Marathon and football matches had proved rival attractions. Racing started late. I had been delayed because I had stopped off to see Duggie at his care home, and other members had taken time to tune boats before getting on the water. However, once racing did start it was continuous and the results are as follows.
Race 1. Jim, Derek, Hugh
Race 2. Derek, Grant, Hugh
Race 3. Derek, John, Jim
Race 4. Derek, John, Hugh
Race 5. Derek, Hugh, John
Race 6. Derek, Hugh, John
Race 7. Derek, Hugh, John

As mentioned earlier, I have been to see Duggie and taken him some new clothing which was bought using money from the sale of his 1M boat. I also took in some toiletries and sweeties. He looks well and is as happy as could be expected. He still cannot speak but is quick to laugh. I am sure he would welcome a visit from any other Club member.
Grant has been to see Alan, who is now in the Mayday Hospital in Croydon, and I have spoken to his wife, Brenda, on several occasions. He is not nearly as badly affected as Duggie and can speak and has movement in all his limbs. Grant seemed to think he was a bit wandery at times, but speaking to Brenda on Saturday (16th) she thought he had shown signs of improvement. I am sure we all wish them both well.
The next scheduled meeting is on the 1st may for 1M,s and I look forward to seeing you all then. Derek.

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