Sailing at Clapham on the 3rd April.

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A 1M day and a fine day at Clapham. Sunshine and a brisk breeze but the 1M boats were able to cope in top suit. A slow start; we did not get on the water untill nearly mid-day but thereafter races followed quickly with a variety of winners. Richard borrowed a boat and did well, Grant sailed his newly built Triple Crown but has not yet got the trim and sail settings sorted out, but the boat is nicely built and shows promise. We broke for lunch at 1.30 and no-one seemed keen to sail after that. The results as follows-,
Race 1. Leslie, Derek, John
Race 2. Derek, keslie, John
Race 3. Derek, Leslie, John
Race 4. Hugh, Jim, Derek
Race 5. Leslie, Ted. Jim
Race 6. Jim.Ted, Leslie
Race 7. Leslie, Derek, Jim
Race 8. Ted, Leslie, Jim

News of Alan is that he is recovering, but has been transferred from St Georges to the Mayday Hospital in Croydon. We shall keep in touch. Derek.

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