Sailing at Clapham on the 20th February.

February 22, 2011 at 6:04 pm | Posted in News | 1 Comment

As I was not there myself I am again oblidged to Hugh for providing a report. Where I live the morning was dull, cold and with no wind at all so it was surprising that those that did turn up at the pond got so many races in. Anyway, on with the report.
“6 Metre day. Cool with light northeast wind.
Usual course. Running start to first mark, then close reach to wing mark, beating to buoy by Clubhouse, with final beat to finish line. Upwind legs were tricky, with wind shifting and dropping in the lee of trees to the east of the pond.
Results as follows for all those who raced.
Race 1. Jim, Hugh, Grant
Race 2. Hugh, Jim, Grant
Race 3. Hugh, Jim, John T
Race 4. Hugh, Jim, John T
Race 5. Grant(sailing Rococco), Jim, John T
Race 6. Jim, Hugh, John T
Race 7. Hugh, Jim, John T
Race 8. Ted(sailing Rococco), John T
Race 9. Hugh, Grant
Looks like Rococco was the boat to beat so we shall all have to start building a new boat to compete!

I have heard that at least one member has had a problem logging on to the MYA web site. I think I now know the reason. I was aware that the MYA Treasurer was asking that Club Treasurers would submit their affiliation fees early and that was why I had chased up those members who had not paid their sub at the AGM. It now seems that if the affiliation fees were not received by the MYA by the 31st January members names would be removed from the data base and they would not be able to log on untill the fee had been received. Those fees were submitted in early February and so now all should be well. This now answers the question I posed in the last blog; the acknowledgement from the MYA that the fee had been paid and that membership had been renewed would be the fact that the member was able to log on to the MYA site. This fact makes it all the more important that our Club renewal fees are paid at the AGM, or at least by the end of the year, so that the Treasurer is able to submit the affiliation fee to the MYA before the following 31st January.
Hope to see you all at the next meeting on the 6th March and I give advance notice of a Vintage Group meeting on the following Sunday, 13th March. Derek.


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  1. it seems as all clapham model yacht club members were listed as not being affiliated. i tried to enter a race earlier this month but was told i was not a member of the MYA. luckily it was for the micro magics and i could enter through that association. we need to get our fees to the MYA as soon as possible in future.
    also what is the point of putting MYA yearbooks in the club as i dont know when i will be there as i hopefully will be sailing away quite a bit. is there any chance i can get sent to my home address

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