Sailing at Clapham on the 5th September.

September 6, 2010 at 10:55 am | Posted in News | 2 Comments

A fine day at Clapham. 8 members turned up on a day that had sunny spells and two very brief showers, but the dominant factor was the wind. This varied in strength from a brisk breeze to no breeze at all, and from every direction. In one way it was good as we had several massed starts and very close racing. The other extreme was that at times part of the fleet was moving well while the other part was standing still. It all became very frustrating. With seven boats on the water the pond looked quite crowded, although a low water level caused most boats to hit objects on the bottom, another cause of frustration and expressions of the skippers displeasure.
We got seven races in and the results are as follows with most skippers getting a place or two.
Race 1. Derek, Hugh, John T
Race 2. Leslie , Grant, Alan
Race 3. Ted, Derek, Grant
Race 4. Ted, Derek, Grant
Race 5. Jim, Leslie, Derek
Race 6. Jim, Leslie, Derek
Race 7. Leslie, Derek, John T
Next scheduled race is on the 19th September. Derek.



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  1. results for sunday soling race race 1 ted john jim
    2 jim ted chris
    3 jim ted chris
    4jim chris ted
    john t would have finished in the results but was having trouble with his 2.4 gz reciever an issue i have raised with the supplier.conditions were as previous week with fluky wind shifts and holes with boats thre meters apart with three different wind directions hugh and lesly sailed 6ms in match race format starting 1 min after the solings

  2. sunday 26 suprise visit from mark dicks and son who is down this way for a while .me john and mark had some informal racing mark was sailing his new boat viper .he hopes to join us on race days i am sure we can always find a 6m or soling for him to use on thier respective race days

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