1M sailing at Clapham on the 6th June.

June 7, 2010 at 11:57 am | Posted in News | Leave a comment

A fine day at the pond with a good breeze. Seven of us turned up with six 1M,s and one SOLING. We started late as usual but made up for it by getting a fair number of races in. There were a very few spots of rain about midday but this did not disturb the racing. The water was a little low and some boats grounded at times and all of us hit underwater obstacles at one time or other. This latter problem did cause an upset when Jim and Derek were in the closing stages of a closely fought race when Jim hit an underwater rock and retired. He did no further racing. A great pity as for once Derek had got his Triple Crown turned to perfection (more by luck than judgement) and was giving Jim a run for his money. It would have been interesting to have seen who came out on top over the series of races, Jim always being the one to beat. Jim had won the first two races and hit the rock in the third, thereafter Derek seemed to have the fastest boat. I know how Jim felt as as I also hit a rock in the seventh race. Results were as follows.
Race 1.Jim, Derek, Grant
Race 2.Jim, Derek, Leslie
Race 3. Derek, Leslie, Grant (Jim hit rock)
Race 4. Derek, Grant, Leslie
Race 5. Derek,Leslie, Grant
Race 6. Derek, Grant, Alan
Race 7. Leslie, Grant, Derek
Race 8. Derek, John T, grant
race 9. Derek, Alan, Grant
A good day,s racing with a perfect breeze.

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