At Clapham on the 2nd May/Douglas Dunn.

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The weather was very bad, with heavy rain and a driving wind. No-one had turned up by 10.45 and I was about to leave, then Hugh turned up and a little while later John T and Ted. The weather was too wet for sailing and I decided that I would take the opportunity to go and see Duggie at the care home. He was fine , as far as one can be in his condition. He seemed pleased to see me. As far as I could tell he has had no other visitors since Alan and I saw him late last year. I regret I did not stay very ling, conversation is very difficult as he cannot speak apart from the odd word, but by questions and him nodding or shaking his head I was able to get some information. He has not been married, and has no brothers or sisters, which explains his lack of visitors. I took him in a small bag of goodies and as I left he was delving into them.
I had been able to tell him we had sold one of his boats and asked if he needed any money. He said “no”. I asked if he needed anything and again he shook his head, but this is not the true story. Speaking to the care worker before I left she told me he had no money for such things as toiletries and sweets. His financial affairs have not yet been sorted out by the Social Services, which is of some concern as he has been in the home for over a year now. I did leave some money with the care worker so that she could buy Duggie what he needs and I shall now try to contact the Social Services to ask why there is this delay in sorting out finances. This may take some time I fear. It is sad to see Duggie in this situation. Nothing else to report so I shall hope to see you all on the 16th May for 6M saling. Derek.

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