The Jack Sanday memorial race, 20th September.

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The day started cloudy but improved over the course of the day with hazy sunshine most of the time and winds that ranged from a gentle breeze to the occasional gust.
Our OOD for the day was Rob Vice, to whom we owe our thanks. Rob set a challenging course of a zigzag across the pond against the prevailing wind with a final run down the length of the pond to the finish line. The race was in the form of a series of Match races and, for those of our readers who are not familiar with this format, consisted of pairs of boats racing against each other over one lap of the course, each skipper racing in due course against every other skipper. The skipper winning the most races being declared the winner.
Rob had arranged the racing to be seven “boards” with three races in each “board”. There being seven skippers it was neccessary that one skipper in each “board” had a bye. With seven skippers it was required that there be twentyone races in order that every skipper raced against every other skipper. There being only six boats available it was neccessary that some skippers had to share a boat. To run twentyone races, each one starting when the previous one had finished would have taken a considerable time, therefore Rob arranged that the next pair of skippers would start when the previous pair were about half way down the course, in this manner the racing was almost continuous and skippers had little time to tune boats or fiddle with things.
Racing commenced more or less on time at 11am and went on till 12.30pm when we broke for lunch. By this time we had completed half the races and were on track to finish on time. Racing started again at 1.15pm and continued untill completion at about 3pm. Under Rob,s direction the racing was slick and continuous. Happily there were no upsets and no protests and, although the water was low, no problems with grounding with one exeption, either the boat having a deeper keel than the others or the skipper being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Most skippers sailed their own boat, but Rob shared Derek,s boat for most of his races and Hugh sailed Derek,s other boat. The boat shared by Rob and Derek seemed the most successfull on the day, winning ten out of the twentyone races sailed.
The Club had provided prizes for the meeting and there were sufficient for each skipper to receive one. The prizes were given out in the Clubhouse after racing and were graciously presented by Jim,s wife Ann.
The results were as follows.
1st. Derek with 16 points.
2nd. Rob with 16 points.
3rd. Alan with 12 points.
4th. Jim with 12 points.
5th. Ted with 10 points.
6th. Hugh with 10 points.
7th. John with 8 points.
Where two skippers were credited with the same number of points, the deciding factor was which skipper had come first in their head to head.
In all a very enjoyable day. Everyone seemed happy and went away with a small momento of the event. Once again, our thanks to our OOD,Rob who made it all seem so effortless. Might we make this an annual event? It would be nice to think we would continue to remember Jack Sanday and his long and valuable service to the Club. Derek.

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