Sailing at Clapham on 6th September.

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A bright and breezy day. We should have been sailing the 1M,s but the water level is too low so we opted to sail the 6M,s instead as additional practice for the race on the 20th September. We had a late start (as always) but had six boats on the water. Derek sailed his repaired boat after it being hit by a speedboat last week, it went OK but suffered from saggy standing rigging, the replaced wires having stretched. More repairs needed. We managed six races, half before lunch and half after, and it turned into another “Jim,s benefit” he coming in first in five of the six races.
One interesting point was that John T,s boat sailed very well. It is an old design by Littlejohn dated about 1922 and named “HELENE”. The Chairman built one over 10 years ago and found it sailed very well, coming in first in practically every race when sailed by another skipper in a 6Metre Owners race we hosted on the pond several years ago. It was very fast, as it weighed only 18 pounds or so as far as I remember, but was less successful in heavier winds as it tended to “crab” sideways. The boat is now in the Beale Park Museum on long term loan. Another copy of the was built by Jack and Phil a few years ago but has rarely been seen on the pond. It has now been aquired by John T and was sailed, successfully, today. Bearing in mind it has a makeshift mast and sails from another boat it should do even better when John fits the correct sail plan. We shall wait and see with interest.
The scores for the day were as follows, and they do seem to show that it is the skipper who is the dominant force rather than the design of the boat sailed.
Six races, placings in order 1,2and 3
Jim, Derek, Alan
Jim, Ted, Derek
Jim, John T, Derek
Jim, John T, Alan
Jim, Alan, Derek
Ted, Jim, Derek
The Memorial race it due to be sailed on the 20th September and will be for 6M,s and was to have been a Match Race series but we seen to have lost the match racing cards which determine the order in which the skippers race. I will make enquires to see if they can be replaced. Hope to see you all on the 20th. Derek.

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