6 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 16th August.

August 17, 2009 at 11:19 am | Posted in News | Leave a comment

A great day,s sailing on a bright and breezy day with enough wind to make the 6,s go well but not enough to overpower them. There was a good fleet with five boats on the water and after a late start we had some good racing.
John T was sailing Derek,s second boat and was under a bit of a handicap as he was unused to sailing 6,s. John S was having an early outing with his 6m and was doing well. Derek shared his boat with a guest, Grant, who put in a good performance. We managed to get five races in before lunch and another three after. Jim won the first race and it looked like it might be another Jim benefit, but races got closer as the day went on and the results were, in 1,2,3 order as follows.
Jim, Derek, Alan
Alan, Jim, John T
Grant, Jim, John T
Grant, Jim, John S
Jim, Derek, John S
Derek, Alan, John S
Grant, John T, Alan
Derek, John T, Alan
To give an update on the condition of the pond. The water level is still very low but does not seem to have dropped any lower than the large cracks that have appeared in the retaining wall at the Rookery Road end of the pond. Alan has spoken to the superintendent at the Staff Yard on the Common to ask if we could fill the cracks ourselves, but was told we should leave it to the Council staff to do. The Chairman has tried to contact the person responsible at the Council offices to ask if he will issue a “Works Order” to the Common staff to carry out the work. but without success. We now know that that person is on holiday for three weeks so, regretably, we shall have to wait a little longer for any action to be taken. The Chairman has now written to the person at the Council office and hopefuly he will read the letter on his return from holiday and instigate the action required.
The pond level is unlikely to improve untill the remedial work is done and I feel that on the next sailing day, the 6th September which should be for 1m,s, we should recognise the fact that sailing that class will be difficult and should decide now that we sail the Soling,s instead. An alterative might be to sail the 6m,s again, bearing in mind the imminent memorial race on the 20th September and the need to get some practice in. I feel we shall have to take the practical view.
Thats all for now, hope to see you all on the 6th September. Derek.

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