Sailing at Clapham on the 1st March

March 2, 2009 at 5:17 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

Hello everyone, I apologise for the long delay since the last blog was posted on the 16th November, but if you think there has been no sailing since that date you would be mistaken, it is just that I have not been there to report it.
The faithfull few have been at the pond every Club day and have only been stopped from sailing by either high winds, snow, or the pond being frozen over, sometimes all three at the same time. However, I was there on the 1st March together with the other hardy few on a day that was cloudy but not particularly cold. The breeze varied a little but was quite pleasant and gave some good sailing. I regret that the starter box was out of action due to the batteries having died the death over the winter so we were unable to have the proper starts and had to make do with me bawling out the countdown seconds. I was quite hoarse by the end of te day. I lost count of the number of races we had but we did manage to get in quite a few before lunch with Ted, Jim and Hugh sharing the first three places in varying order, except for the last race before lunch when Derek had a rush of blood to the head and came in second to Ted, it did not last though. We sailed a variety of 1M designs. Hugh had a Widget, Ted sailed a Mark Dicks design, Alan sailed a New Zealand designed skiff named Highlander, Derek sailed a Triple Crown and Jim sailed the Club Comik. This Comik design is still competitive, on one occasion I saw it sailing downwind in close company with Hugh,s Widget and the Comik was leading. During all the races the Comik was keeping up well with the fleet and the thought occurs to me that we could have a one design race with all the Club,s Comik,s. Jim has one, so does Derek. I believe Alan has one and there is of course the Club boat and there may be others in the Club fleet. A thought for the future perhaps.
I regret there will now be another lapse in the Club blog postings as I am going into hospital for for a short time (I hope) and it may be a couple of months before I am able to drive over to Clapham again, but be assured that racing will continue with, hopefully, more members turning up as the weather improves.
The Vintage Club will be at Clapham on the 8th March (next week) and again on two more occasions later in the year. For your calender the dates are: 8th March, 14th June and 25th October. I would hope to see you all at the June meeting if not before.
I am pleased to see that the Club is still active even if the membership has reduced a little, due in at least two cases to illness, but our recent newer members seem keen and will keep up the numbers at the Sunday meetings. Having said that, I find that Wednesdays are proving popular so if you can get there on that day you will be very welcome.
Bye for now and hope to see you all in 2/3 months time. Derek.

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