1 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 3rd August

August 4, 2008 at 12:21 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

A bad day for sailing. The wind was strong in the gusts and there was rain in the air on and off. Five of us turned up and sailing started late because we had to get the buoys out. Our “buoymaster”, Jim, is getting a bit stressed out replacing buoys that disappear from one week to the next, why they do is a bit of a mystery but we think owners send their dogs in to retrieve them and they then get thrown away, or perhaps the wind tugs at them and drives them to the bank where small boys drag them out. Whatever the reason it is a real nuisance, but I think Jim has a cunning plan to make it more difficult for them to be removed in future. Because of the delay in having to replace the buoys, and the fact that the weather was not too good, we did not start racing until about 12noon. Some skippers had tried the 1m,s with a top suit and found the boats were being overpowered in the gusts,  those that had them decided to rig the second suit instead. That this was a prudent decision became evident when the top suit boats did make heavy weather of it in the strong gusts whereas the second suit boats romped along. The problem was that when the wind dropped between the gusts the top suit boats rapidly caught up, but overall I thought the second suit boats had the edge.  Because of the late start we only got three races in before rain drove us inside the Clubhouse and we stopped for lunch. We were joined in the mornig by a prospective new member, Dan, who was offered a boat to sail, one of Alan,s I believe, and while he was not up among the leaders he did sail quite well and will certainly get better with practice. Of the few races we had the results were, Race 1. Derek,Alan,Hugh. Race 2. Alan, Derek, Ted. Race 3. Hugh, Ted, Jim.  We broke for an extended lunch period and Hugh had to leave earty, the rest of us did not seem too keen to continue so we called it a day, although by this time the wind had dropped and all the boats would have been able to sail in top suits comfortably. Thats life!. While our racing was minimal I think we all had a good time and enjoyed the morning and Dan said he had become hooked, although whether he would chose to build, or aquire, a Soling or a 1metre he had not made up his mind. We left about 2pm after some exciting sailing during the mornig. Next scheduled meeting is for 6metre,s on the 17th August. See you all then. Derek.

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