SOLING NATIONALS at Clapham on the 13th July.

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The Solling Fleet at The Long Pond Clapham

The Solling Fleet at The Long Pond Clapham

A great day at Clapham with a greater number of entries than there were at the first meeting last year, which pleased everone. The Clapham Club fielded the largest number of entries with others coming from Guildford, Gosport and Bourneville. Mark Dicks, the defending Champion from the Clapham Club was there, as also was Graham Reeves who started the Soling off in the UK. The weather was fair and warm with a good breeze which came and went at times, but conditions I suppose were almost ideal. Rob Vice, the OOD, started the racing soon after 11am after a briefing session detailing the course, and a few words on what he expected from the skippers. It was to be serious racing, but also a fun day for everyone and he did not expect to hear protests. All went well in the spirit of the thing and under Rob,s calm and assured guidance the meeting proceeded smoothly. The format was to have two races, then a short break for tuning and adjustment and then two more races and so on. We broke for lunch at about 1-1.30pm and then continued till 4pm. Several entrants had minor problems at times with exhausted batteries and such things, although one entrant had a terminal problem when his rudder fell off and was lost in the pond.

In all, twelve boats were registered to race and most of them completed the day. This was an improvement in entries over last years total of eight and pleased Graham Reeves very much. The winner on the day was Mark Dicks from Clapham, who retained his title from last year. Second came Phil Broszek from the Guildford Club who was only one point behind the winner, and sailing a borrowed boat at that. A great performance. Third came Clapham,s Jim Robinson and fourth was Graham Snook also from Clapham. Fifth was Jim Vice, sailing Allen Scarlett,s boat and from Clapham also, so making the top four places out of the first five going to the home club. A great effort.

National Champion (again) 1st Place Mark Dicks

National Champion (again) 1st Place Mark Dicks

Prizes for the event were donated by Graham Reeves and were presented by the Chairman of the Club. A handsome Cup to the winner and a bottle of wine, and a bottle of wine to the second, third and fourth place skippers. All in all a great day. Run faultlessly by our OOD, Rob Vice, with help from Jim Vice and Phil, although there was so little left for them to do that they were able to borrow boats and compete, to great effect in Phil,s case. Many of us will look forward to next years meeting, wherever that might be held.

2nd Place Phil Broszek

2nd Place Phil Broszek - Guildford

3rd Place, Jim Robinson - Clapham

3rd Place, Jim Robinson - Clapham

The next normal Club meeting will be on the 20th July when we will be sailing the 6M,s. See you all then. Derek.


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