Sailing at Clapham on the 6th July

July 6, 2008 at 6:22 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

A very breezy day with some light rain, not the best of sailing weather. We would normally be sailing the 1Metre,s but in view of the SOLING Nationals to be sailed on the pond next week, 13th July, we took the opportunity to have a trial run with the SOLING,s. Rob, Jim V and Phil came along to check out the equipment and the buoys and to have a rehersal for the event. Jim R, Ted, Justin, Alan, John, Hugh, Graham and Derek came along to sail. With Jim V and Phil also joining in the pond looked quite crowded and a good test of what it might be like next Sunday. We did not get a great many races in as some members had to leave early for one thing and there were several gear failures for one reason or another in the strong winds, but it did show that we have got everthing in place to make the event a success. It now seems that we may not be getting as many entries from “up north” as we had anticipated and that the entries from Clapham could well equal those from other Clubs and so with a bit of luck the 2008 SOLING National Champion could again come from our Club. Rob as OOD controlled the racing and kept the scores, which are listed below. It must be noticed that the first three places went to those sailing 1 Metre,s, either because the skipper did not own a SOLING or, as in Jim R,s case, because they did not want to hazard the boat in the gusty conditions. Of the 1 Metre,s, Hugh came first with Phil and Jim R coming second and third respectively. Of the SOLING,s, Jim V came first with Ted second then Graham; whoever was sailing No51; Derek; a white boat only bearing a SOLING logo; then Justin.

What the results do show is that it is imperitive to have a sail number displayed, and that on the day skippers must register with the OOD with their name and sail number. The new radio frequency board proved a success. It shows every current 27Mz colour and every current 40Mz frequency, with both UK and EUR numbers. All we ask is that the pegs are returned to the board when a skipper has finished racing.

A good, if brief and boistrous, mornings sailing. Let us pray for a fine day next Sunday with a steady breeze. Derek.


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