Vintage Day at Clapham on the 8th June

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We were hosts to the Vintage Club today. A glorious day of hot sunshine and a cooling breeze with the Common crowded with sunseekers. A fair number of Vintage Club members turned up although not too much sailing was done by them, more of a social gathering I think. A few boats of interest were there including a very nice 10Rater, newish, and a couple of vintage schooners which looked very nice on the water. It was good to see that several CMYC members turned up to lend support, so much so that we decided to make it a club SOLING day. I had not come prepared to keep scores as it was not an official race day, just as well because the first two races were won by Allan, and by a handsome margin at that, although I did hear a whisper that there had been some pre race tuning by Ted, be that as it may we were all a bit shell shocked, threw in the sponge and gave up. We did have several other races but I regret no scores were kept. 

The most exciting event of the day as far as the CMYC were concerned was that Justin turned up with a case load of small wooden sailing boats he had bought and which he proposed we should sell at a profit, that profit to be donated to the Club. Justin and his family set up a display board outside the clubhouse and were most successful in selling all but two of the boats. To avoid problems of selling without a licence we offered the boats for sale to include a free junior membership of the Club for the day, effectively offering a junior membership of the Club with a free boat as a bonus. Perhaps sailing a little close to the wind, but I don,t suppose anyone is going to find fault. As I said, Justin and his family were most effective as a sales team in selling the boats and the youngest members voice could be heard all over the pond yelling “boats for sale”. I offered to buy him an ice cream as a reward for his efforts but he was already eating. We were able to return to Justin his outlay and the Club has benefited by the eccess of £17, and we still have two boats left, the sale of which will be all profit to the Club. A big “thank you” to Justin, his wife and the children. In all a grand day out. The next meeting will be on the 15th June as an official 6Metre race . Derek.    

Vintage Group and Junior Member day on June 8th

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Glorious weather at the Clapham Common boating pond today, which kicked off our fund raising efforts to repair the club house roof. Many thanks to Tricia and Bridget for looking after the stall with our new junior members Theo, Eden and Beth. Skipper Toys had very kindly put a display board together of their fantastic wooden pond yachts, and we had sold all but 2 of our stock by mid-day.

So we are off to a great start with our fund raising efforts, and now have a raft of new Junior and even Infant members enjoying the pond with their parents.

Members of the Vintage Model Yacht Group also visited the pond and there was a wide array of model yachts on display from early 10 Raters to the far smaller but now highly collectible Star Yachts of Birkenhead. There was also just enough time and  wind for some racing with the Solings as members got some much needed practice in before the Nationals, which are being held at Clapham Common boating pond in July. We’ll be posting some more news about the Soling Nationals soon.

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