1Metre sailing at Clapham on the 1st June. See also the note at the end of this BLOG.

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A good days sailing at Clapham with a good attendance (6). The wind was quite light and races took a long time to complete, especially as Jim had set a challenging course with lots of different legs , with, across and down wind. As is usual these days we started quite late, gone 11am I think and because of the light winds we did not get many races in, but, we were even more organised this week and recorded the first, second and third places in each race. We managed six races and the placings were,

Race 1  Ted, Jim, Derek.

Race 2  Jim, Ted, Derek

Race 3  Jim, Hugh, Ted

Race 4  Ted, Jim, Derek.

Race 5  Ted, Jim, Derek.

Race 6  Ted, Jim, John.

It is obvious who were the most successfull sailors, but we all had fun.

NOTE. There is a Vintage Club meeting next week at Clapham on the 8th June and all are welcome to attend. The next CMYC meeting is for 6 Metres on the 15th June.  Derek. 

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