20th January, a non sailing day at Clapham

January 21, 2008 at 12:30 pm | Posted in Blogroll, News, Uncategorized | 1 Comment

On a day when more members than usual turned up at the pond it was a great pity that although the weather was very mild, the wind was very strong. It was meant to be a 6M day but when Derek ventured out on the water the boat was very hard pressed, and after the sails had flogged so much that a patch was torn out of the mainsail leech he gave up and struggled back to the Clubhouse with it. A later atempt by John and Derek at sailing the SOLING fared a little better but racing would have been difficult. In these difficult conditions there were two highlights. Ted had brought along a new toy which was a radio controlled surf board, complete with a voluptous blond on board, which treated the choppy conditions as its natural habitat and was truly quite astonishing to watch. The fact that there was no sail allowed it to cope with the strong wind as if it did not exist. The other highlight was Jim Vice,s bottle boat which sailed well, if a little on the edge at times. The fact that it only had a scrap of a storm rig hoisted helped it to cope with the strong wind, and to see the boat running down wind was spectacular, the boat planing for some distance at times. Apart from the hardy souls mentioned no other skippers ventured out on the pond. To take advantage of the wind Jim R  and Ted did have a go later at kite flying instead. Because of the conditions Graham left early, looking very dissapointed, and Allan followed soon after. The rest of us talked in the Clubhouse which, while quite enjoyable, was not the same as having some exciting racing. It does seem that we can cope with any sort of weather on the pond except high winds. If we all had storm suits we might have managed, but no one has except Jim V with his bottle boat. The meeting broke up fairly early, at least one member going home after having ordered new sail material from the Club Chandler. Let us hope for better conditions on the first Sunday in February. See you then. Derek.

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