Racing on the 15th July

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Weather was good with a breeze going from non existant to moderate. Only Allan and Derek had turned up by 11am so we amused ourselves sailing the Soling,s rather than struggle with the 6M,s. Then Jim and Ted arrived and we all decided to carry on with the Soling,s to see how they would perform in the very different conditions from when we last sailed when heavy winds were the order of the day.

What a great day!. We were sailing with the knowledge that if we did not do so well it was the skipper and not the boat. There was no feeling, as there is with the 1M,s and 6M,s, that one mans boat was better than another. The wind varied in strength throughout the day and the puffs meant that however far behind the fleet you were, if you caught the wind first it was possible to overhaul and even pass the fleet. Ted won the first race, Derek won the second and then had to retire in the third because of battery failure. When the fleet was back together all the skippers won at least one race each but the main interest was in the closeness of the racing. On several occasions there was a race for the line and a handkerchief could have covered the entire fleet. Ted was heard to say that it was the best days racing he had enjoyed for a long time, and I think that sentiment was shared by all.

It was a great days racing, and I feel the Club has made the right choice with the Soling.

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