1st April – IOM

April 1, 2007 at 4:16 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

April Fools day, and at times it felt like the weather was making fools of us. As members arrived we were greeted by a light warm breeze, and the bright sunshine, so the prospect of sailing was enjoyable.

By the time everyone was ready to race, the breeze had picked up, enough for some to consider dropping to their smaller second suit of sails. With a northwest wind it was a downwind start, which was event free, in spite of a few gusts during the count down. With seven boats heading downwind, some more in control that others, there was a lot of interest from passers by. The IOM’s were in their element and their speed and maneuverability caused big smiles amongst the members.

Graham won the first race, but battery troubles caused him to drop out of the next race which was taken by Jim. However during the races the breeze was gradually picking up, and a number of boats were suffering from one problem or another. The Chairman’s Triple Crown took on so much water, some members thought the level of the pond might be at risk! So time was taken to rest, repair and regroup.

By the time we were ready to race again the wind was at a level where the no.2 rig would have been prudent, but to see how the condition faired Hugh and Graham had a race, only for Graham’s jib sheet to snap.

So while Graham was replacing his sheet, members who had them changed down to their no.2 rigs and sails. With some members having to leave, a somewaht smaller fleet re-emerged. In a quick warm up race between Ted and Graham, Graham suffered more electrical problems – After the lid of his radio pot cross threaded letting in water onto the reciever and batteries, leaving Ted sailing alone until joined by Jim. By the time Graham was able to sail again, Jim had a snakes wedding on the end of his jib boom and Ted was out of battery power.

While the sailing was fast and furious when it was happening, maybe we should have gone straight to the no.2 rig, and a comedy of errors could have been avoided, for the secretary at least!

Graham’s Triple Crown at the limit


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