18th Feb – 6M and latest Soling news

February 20, 2007 at 12:20 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

Another day of light racing fell upon the members of Clapham on Sunday. The wind was fickle and very light, but there were a number of extremely close finishes over the day. What breeze there was mostly came from the north east, meaning a down wind start. Luckily with such a light breeze, it was almost always incident free, although sailing in a fading breeze meant staying close to the line, with long run ups a thing of the past.

Tactics and luck played their part, boats that were left behind at the start had the opportunity to catch up, and those that were ahead couldn’t relax until they crossed the line. First win of the day went to Derek, who pipped Graham to the line, only for Graham to win the next few races. Ted interrupted Graham’s winning streak by tacking out to the middle of the pond, while Graham crept up the shoreline. Ted’s gamble paid off in style, but other trying the same tactic where left becalmed with no options.

With such little wind the sailing was tense if not a little frustrating at times, but even after a bad start it was still possible to win by looking for the faintest of breeze and hoping for the best.

The racing continued until 14:30, and all agreed it had been a testing day of sailing when he who dares sometimes wins, but sometimes they just watch boats sail past just feet away!

A final note about the Solings, Graham has sent off a cheque to cover the cost of 7 boats, so if members would like their boats, if they could send him a cheque for the correct amount it would keep his bank manager happy.

Graham’s new address is:
4 Brentford House, Haggard Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 3AH

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