Soling Project. Lead shot

February 16, 2007 at 1:05 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

Now that the Soling project is getting under way I have been searching around for supplies of lead shot. Talking to one gun shop it appears that the price of lead is going through the roof, apparently the Chinese are buying up all the available supplies and consequently home prices are increasing month by month.

I had a quote from a local shop a month ago of approximately £17 for a 7.5 Kg bag, he said he could not be sure of the price untill a supply came in. I have been phoning round again this week and have had quotes rangeing from £23.50 to £25 for 7Kgs, so getting back to my local shop I find his price has gone up but is still cheaper at £18.95 for 7.5 Kgs. I have provisionally ordered 3 bags at a total cost of £56.85 ( provided the price has not gone up again by the time I collect).  For the 6 boats that we have on order we shall need 3 bags and the price per boat will depend on what weight we put in each boat. The Soling web site that I have says that 6 pounds would be sufficient and on that basis 3 bags will provide for 8 boats.  That will cost £7.10 for each boat. I am proposing to pay the cost of the lead from Club funds and charge each member £7.50, so making a little profit for the Club and also having 2 spare packs for future boats. There will be some lead left over and this I will divide between the 8 packs, so each member will receive 6 pounds and a bit.

We can discuss this further on Sunday and I can take on board any alterative suggestions. See you on Sunday.


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