4th Feb – IOM

February 4, 2007 at 7:04 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

What the weather lacked in wind it made up for it with sunshine, and it was very sunny! Today’s sailing was in light to non-existent breeze, so it was a case of slacken everything off and hope for the best.

There was some doubt whether there would be enough breeze to sail, the overcast weather from the morning vanishing to leave us blessed with sunshine too rarely see in February. Unfortunately Derek had technical trouble with his Triple Crown, so the club boat was dusted off and launched. This might be a good time to mention that the club boat is available to anyone, just contact the secretary during the week before the 1st Sunday of the month – through the “contact us” page – and we’ll have it ready for you is you wish to join us.

So with little to no breeze, 6 boats lined up for the drift round the course, what breeze there was became sporadic with no race completed without hitting at least one calm patch.

First win of the day went to Ted, followed by Hugh and Graham. Graham was sporting his new BG sails, and after a bit of tweaking they took their first win in the second race with Hugh finishing second again while Ted finished third. Graham went on to win the next race after extricating himself from a peculiar high spot in the lake bottom just behind the start line.

Next race went to Ted, who held his course further out to pip Graham over the line. In between the 4th and 5 Race Graham was practicing a start when his boat heeled over and caught on the start buoy. The rest of the members took the opportunity to have a race without him. Leaving his boat well and truly caught up on the buoy!

After tea the racing continued, and while Graham took the remaining top spots the rest of the skippers had close sailing, making some interesting manoeuvres at the marks. Although the lack of wind was frustrating at times, it made for good tactical and challenging sailing which all the members enjoyed.

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