The Soling Project

December 6, 2006 at 5:18 pm | Posted in News | 1 Comment

One of the problems we have had in making a decision on which, or what, new boat to try is that while we have seen what the “bottle boat” can do on the water, we have not been able to compare performance with any of the other suggested boats. This may be resolved on the 17th December when I believe we may see one, possibly two, Solings on the water, this due to the efforts of Graham who I believe might have persuaded the importer to come to Clapham to show us how they perform. While the 17th is our usual 6M day, it would be good if one or two 1M,s  from the Club were also to sail so that we could see a comparison between the two classes. It should be a very interesting morning.

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  1. The importer is hoping to come down on Sunday 17th, but this has yet to be confirmed. I’m not sure what sailing the Soling against an IOM will prove. It’s safe to say that with a bigger sail area and a longer keel the IOM will sail rings around the Soling. However when we’re racing we won’t be sailing IOMs against Solings, so as long as the solings are matched boat for boat, and sail well enough to give us good racing then they serve their purpose.

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