3rd Dec – IOM

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After a wild night with heavy wind and torrential rain, Sunday dawned wet and very windy but a few brave souls turned up at the pond and found that the weather improved dramatically, and by 11am the sun was out and it was a lovely morning, if still quite windy. Six of us were there and rigged the 1M,s and tried sailing. Some cautious skippers hoisted a second suit, but others, who had either not come prepared or had no second suit, sailed bravely forth with a top suit. To say that the sailing was boisterous was an understatement!. After sailing for about an hour skippers gave up, thinking discretion was the better part of valour. We all then retired to the Clubhouse for tea and buns and then followed a lively disscussion on the Soling project which I believe is gaining ground among members as fulfilling all the criteria that we had set. It will be a one design, easily available and reasonably priced, especially if Graham keeps twisting peoples arms. Both the Chairman and Graham have been costing lead shot, and prices are coming down. We also welcomed Cyril Driver during the morning, someone we do not see as often as we would like. Cyril has confirmed his intention to renew, and in fact has now paid his subscription. The Chairman has heard from Mark Dicks who will also renew, and who has brought a new member into the Club, his son.  Sunday proved to be a fun day with some boisterous sailing, fortunately without damage to any boat as far as I am aware, some lively talk on the Soling project without making any firm commitment, and the Chairman having a long chat with a prospective member during the lunch break, which meant he was still eating his lunch when the others went out to have another attempt at sailing a course, but with no greater success than the pre lunch session.   

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