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September 5, 2006 at 11:44 am | Posted in News | Leave a comment

After many months of contact with the Council Officials, who have proved to be very helpful in the matter, the domestic water supply to the Clubhouse has been restored. That being so we are investigating the cost of replacing the sink water heater that has been out of action for the last few years due to frost damage. We shall then be able to wash ourselves, and the teacups, properly. More news if and when it gets done.

Now a more important point

The AGM is now approaching and some thoughts must be given to the date. The calender shows the 19th of November as being a convenient date. If it proves not to be convenient for a significant number of members we can of course change it, but do let me know.

One of the more important things to be decided at this years AGM concerns the election of Officers, and in particular the Chairman. On checking through my papers I find that I was elected Chairman in 1992 and have served continously in that role since that date. While I have much enjoyed the privilege of that position, two issues arise. The first is that the Club Constitution states that the Chairman serve a maximum term of 3 years, and then must stand down for at least one year before seeking re-election. The second is that I shall have reached the age of 80 before the 2007 AGM and would not offer myself for re-election at that time. For both these reasons I feel  there should be serious consideration given to the election of a new Chairman at the 2006 AGM. There is also the position of Treasurer which I have also filled for the past few years. We are still well in advance of the November 2006 AGM, but members should consider who might volunteer to take over these positions. 


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